Blood drive competition kicks off

Blood drive competition kicks off

GRU and USC Aiken are holding a blood drive to help fuel the rivalry spirit and to give back to the community.

The Hoops for Heroes Blood Drive Challenge is going on now and at a time when Shepeard Blood Center president Kevin Belanger says donations are needed the most.

"This year December was really big for us in the usage and now in January with the burn center really increasing their load it's becoming a critical need for us to get blood on the shelf," Belanger says.

With an urgent need for blood in the CSRA area, USC Aiken and GRU are happy to help such an important cause.

"Giving blood is so important to everybody that's around because so many people have accidents and go to the hospital," says USC Aiken women's head basketball coach Mike Brandt.

"It's just a great way to bring people together and we can bring people together for a common goal, it's a great thing," says GRU's women's head basketball coach Nathan Teymer.

As the blood drive kicks off, both schools are convinced they'll be the ones bringing in the most donations.

"Gotta go with USC Aiken. They support us and we gotta support our community so hopefully we'll step out there and give a lot of blood," says Brandt.

"Without a doubt we'll win it. Hopefully we just gotta make sure we tell people to go out and make sure they donate and you know, they can do a great thing by donating blood and hopefully also by putting GRU Augusta on top," says Teymer.

And regardless of who takes home the trophy...the donations received are the real prize.

If you want to donate to the blood drive be sure to visit any of the Shepeard Centers throughout the week or at USC Aiken. The winning school will be announced at the basketball game on Feb. 1.

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