Possible new gun laws to come to SC

How would you feel if you're out to dinner or for drinks and knew somebody at the next table had a gun? Or if you could carry your gun? It could soon be legal in South Carolina.

The S.C. Senate approved a bill that would make it legal to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants, but now it's up to the House for the final approval.

"The problem is there are 20,000 laws in this country that restrict where a law-abiding citizen can defend himself with a firearm and not one of those has ever kept an evil person from doing bad things to innocent people," said Donald Edwards, a member of GeorgiaCarry.org.

That's why the gun rights advocate said he is supporting reform to South Carolina gun laws.

"South Carolina is actually only one of three states that don't allow only you to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol," Edwards said.

The other two are Indiana and Louisiana but the Palmetto State could possibly be joining their Georgia counterparts with a bill that would allow concealed weapon permit holders to bring their firearms into bars and restaurants if they don't drink alcohol.

"I like this move. We're a nation of laws and I respect that," Edwards said.

Regionally, Georgia has led the way on guns in bars. In 2008 Georgians were granted permission to carry firearms into restaurants, but they couldn't drink. Now, people in the Peach State can carry firearms and drink depending on the restaurant.

Edwards said he doesn't believe South Carolina is too far behind.

"I think they're coming of age. I just don't think they have a strong of a grassroots organization," he said. "They had one in the past."

But Edwards thinks this is a step in the right direction.

"It just enables them to defend themselves in a public setting that was formerly restricted."

If the bill does pass, restaurant owners will be able to post "no guns" signs on their doors if they don't want the weapons in their establishment.

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