Augusta real estate market on the rise

Augusta real estate market on the rise

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The real estate market in Augusta in on the rise all thanks to a boom in development.

"We have seen a market recovery," said realtor Teresa Tiller. "Our statistics show we've sold as many houses last year as we did in 2007."

And that is good news for Tiller. She heads up the Greater Augusta Association of Realtors. She's seeing a steady stream of buyers through her office who wonder if now is the time to make a big investment.

"It is the right time," Tiller explained. "We never know what interest rates are going to do. They have remained relatively stable. So I think this would be the time to buy."

Tiller said there are many factors at play here, but a crucial one is the booming development throughout the CSRA.

Outdoor retailer Cabela's is rushing construction to completion, with an opening date set for March 20th.

And experts said our medical and military presence continues to grow.

"It shows our area is growing," Tiller added. "So it will attract more people, more businesses when they see Cabela's coming, and some of the bigger companies coming in. I know we have a lot of retail and commercial development coming."

The key here, Tiller said, is to act fast; the marketplace could soon switch to one favoring the seller, meaning a higher cost for that new house.

"We're having to build our schools. And look at Columbia County growth, knowing that's coming."