Officials urge everyone take precautions during latest wildfire breakouts

Officials urge everyone to take precautions during latest wildfire outbreak

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond, Burke, McDuffie and Jefferson counties all dealt with wildfires Monday. Forestry officials said 12 total happened and conditions outside Tuesday were looking perfect for number thirteen.

Georgia Forester Expert Cathy Black said, "We've got extreme high winds, gusts predicted up to 45 miles an hour and low humidity."

Black said all it takes is a match, a car exhaust, even a cigarette to ignite brush, leaves or grass.

Black said, "With these conditions, a fire gets started and that wind just carries it into the woods."

But black said you can stop it from happening, with a few simple things, like where you get rid of cigarettes.

"Use your ash tray, "she said, "Don't dump it on the road."

She also says know the law. To burn leaves or straw in the yard, you're required to have a permit in Georgia.

"Officials cut off permits on days like this. If they're burning and it becomes a wildfire, they have to pay for it; the manpower, the fuel, the equipment."

Statewide, Georgia saw 98 fires Monday. The number one cause of wildfires in the state is debris burning in the front yard.