Local church celebrates MLK Day

Local church celebrates MLK Day

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - He is best known for advancing civil rights through non-violent protest and helping found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957.

SCLC CSRA President Reverend Doctor Alexander Smith said he remembers hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak in person.

"When he spoke, it was like the sun was coming up. He commanded attention. He had a very commanding presence."

First Presbyterian Church spent Monday singing, celebrating and making sure King's presence and his dream live on.

Pastor George Robertson, First Presbyterian Church, said ,"A number of choirs and musical performers will be serving . Locally, we are celebrating the unity that we have across racial lines at the highest levels of local government."

He said it's especially important to make sure the nation's youth never forgets what Dr. King stood for and went through in his quest for civil rights for all.

Pastor Robertson said, "We have to tell the story to the next generation. We have to tell them, this is the way it used to be and this is the way it cannot be again."