Missing woman's family asks for help from the community

Missing woman's family asks for help from the community
77-year-old missing Alzheimer patient
77-year-old missing Alzheimer patient

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Its been three days since 77-year-old Arletha Bennett went missing in the middle of the night. Bennet suffers from Alzheimer's disease and her family is asking the community to help find her.

"We don't have a single clue of where she could have gone. No trace. It's almost like she disappeared," said Hyland Bennett, the missing woman's brother.

Every passing minute chips away at their hope.
"It was 28 degrees here the night she went missing. So I figured if they didn't find her at night, it was almost impossible for her to survive with what she had on."
Police say she walked out of her home late Thursday night with just a pair of navy blue pajamas on. Her family said she managed to slip pass her caregiver who was sleeping just feet away from the front door.
"Her caretaker had no awareness of anything happening when she exited the house, and that was very strange," said Maebirth Bennett, the woman's sister.
With no medication and no supervision, Bennett's family fears the worst.
"In her condition she probably wouldn't know how to get back home," Hyland Bennett told WFXG.
Police said they've searched extensively, by helicopter, horseback, ATV, and on foot, with no luck.
"we are pleading with the community. If you have not checked out buildings, abandoned cars, or anything on your property please do that in order to try to locate Ms. Bennett and bring her home," said Lt. Teddy Jackson of the Waynesboro Police Department.

"I want you to know she's a very fine person. Please do her no harm, and return her to us," said Maebirt Bennett.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Althea Bennett, contact the Waynesboro Police Department at (706) 554-8029.