Gandhi's grandson visits Augusta

Gandhi's son visits Augusta
Arun Gandhi
Arun Gandhi

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The grandson of one of the most well known peace leaders visited Augusta to help folks celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy.

Arun Gandhi visited Augusta for the first time ever. He says Martin Luther King Day is a holiday we all need to pay close attention to.

"It's not just the holiday we need to observe, we need to learn more about his message and learn more about Gandhi message."

Gandhi spoke in front of a crowd of hundreds with hopes that his message would influence people to continue to strive for the dream Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke about.

"If we all come together and try to understand each other and learn from each other we can enhance our own of religion."

Dr. King used Gandhi's grandfather's nonviolent teachings to lead the civil rights movement. He referenced senseless killings and wars, before saying the world has become destructive.

"Our language has become violent, our sports are violent, our religion is violent. When we have that kind of culture of violence, we may be able to use non violence occasionally to resolve certain conflicts."

He thinks if we use nonviolent methods of his grandfather and Martin Luther King, we can change things.

"We don't learn the essence of what he stood for and what he died for. We are still a long way from the dream that he cherished."

Gandhi's grandson said he wants Augusta to help make a difference.

"I hope the people in Augusta will think about this and make whatever changes they can."

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