Commissioners getting ready for new administrator

Commissioners get ready for new administrator

Augusta-Richmond County commissioners are getting ready for a new administrator after former city administrator Fred Russell was ousted just a month ago. They met on Friday to amend the job requirements and duties of the open position.

"Many of us are not satisfied with where we are at this particular time. We need to get another administrator to take it on to the next level," Commissioner Bill Lockett said.

Commissioner Lockett was one of four commissioners making revisions to the city administrators job description. He said the current version is outdated, and they want to get a are qualified city administrator on board than former administrator Fred Russell.

"He really wasn't qualified for the position because he did not have the expertise, he did not have the education for that particular position."

Russell was the administrator in Augusta for 12 years. Lockett said it was time for a change.

"He had been here entirely too long and it has nothing to do with him as an individual."

The commissioners spent an hour revising the requirements and the duties, with hopes that they'll find the right person.

"We need an administrator with vision, one that's able to present a balanced budget to this governing body. Someone that's willing to defend a budget."

Someone Commissioner Lockett said will help Augusta grow.

The hunt for a new administrator will start once the commission approves the updated administrator job requirements on Tuesday.