Teacher uses racial and gay slurs toward student

Teacher uses racial and gay slurs toward student

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County teacher is in hot water after he was caught on video using racial and gay slurs toward a student.

"We always deal with issues when it's a teacher, or adult, or staff member does something their not supposed to do," said Tim Spivey, Deputy Superintendent of Richmond County Schools. "We handle it on a personnel matter. We don't discuss it with anyone else. It's a private matter."

WFXG obtained a video of a Hephzibah High School teacher reprimanding an unruly student, so we brought the video straight to Superintendent Spivey.

"He became very frustrated, lost his composure and made a comment that he didn't think he should have made," Spivey said.

Those comments included the n-word.

On the video you can here the teacher uttering these words: "Kaylin, get out of my room now."

"F*** your room n-word," the student replied.  "Get out of my room n-word," the teacher replied.

The teacher also used a gay slur after the student left the room.

"Take your F***** a** on down the road," the teacher said.

Spivey said the teacher told him that the student used harsh words first but Spivey said this is not how this situation was supposed to be handled.

"We remind our staff on the monthly basis, I do, when we meet with principals to make sure that when teachers are talking to students to be very professional," said Spivey. "Do not get carried away with inappropriate language, telling them to shut up, we don't do that."

Spivey said the teacher has been disciplined but he is still keeping his job. Spivey wasn't at liberty to discuss the school board's methods of discipline but he did say the school has reached out to the family.

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