GRU research funding grows in 2013

GRU research funding grows in 2013

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Among 139 U.S. medical schools, the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University has moved into the top half in federal funding received for research.

MCG moved to 66th out of 139 medical schools in 2013 with $43.3 million in National Institutes of Health funding, according to the annual ranking compiled by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research. MCG was 71st out of 137 in 2012.

The GRU Colleges of Dental Medicine and Nursing also ranked among the top 70 within their respective categories, securing nearly $1.4 million in combined funding.

"We are exceedingly proud of our medical school for continuing to be competitive on the heels of a decade-long decrease in NIH funding as well as the number of grants awarded, and of our dental and nursing schools for their commitment to innovation and discovery," said GRU President Ricardo Azziz.

The College of Dental Medicine ranked 34th out of 46 dental schools, with approximately $1.3 million in NIH funding, and the College of Nursing received almost $94,000 in federal funding in 2013, ranking 71 out of 75 nursing schools.

"Our significant move in the rankings clearly illustrates how determined and successful our faculty are at getting these gold-standard grants even in the face of an incredibly tight federal budget," said MCG Dean Peter F. Buckley.

Additionally, MCG ranks 7th nationally and first in Georgia in American Heart Association funding.

"As Dr. Buckley said, this reflects the persistence and dedication of our faculty and we look to build upon this success in the months and years to come," Azziz said.