Riverwalk improvements begin

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A makeover is in the works for the Augusta Riverwalk.

Improvements are underway to ensure the safety of guests, particularly those who visit at night.

Officials said the Parks, Recreation and Facilities team has been able to make several changes which included fixing broken lights and trimming the trees that make it more difficult to see at night.

"We've tried to trim shrubs down to a maximum of three feet," said Bob Levine, the Director for Parks, Recreation and Facilities for the City of Augusta. "We've tried to get all the low hanging limbs up a minimum of six feet. We've always, with traffic engineering, repaired all the lighting. Recreation, Parks and Facilities did the low level lighting and the pole lights have all been done by the engineering department."

Levine said the next step deals with more long-term repairs which include removing 30 large trees, relamping the pole lights with LEDs and upgrading some of the amenities that are old and need to be replaced.

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