New event planned to protest animal testing at GRU

New event planned to protest animal testing at GRU

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - They're calling it "round two."

"Paws for the Heart is the name of the new event," said organizer Dennis Briatico.

He's the man behind a Humane Society-supported protest against Georgia Regents University in December and is back at it again.

"Where the Million Dog Walk was an animal welfare rally, Paws for the Heart is going to be an animal welfare rally and an adoption event," Briatico explained.

But he needs some help before it can get underway.

"We're asking for about $300 we need to secure the commons," Briatico said.

He said Paws for the Heart will be held right in the center of Downtown Augusta, at the Augusta Common, to get the most exposure for his message.

"We want you to treat all of your animals correctly," Briatico said. "We still want dental testing stopped on all dogs."

His supporters said they got a small victory this week when GRU announced it would stop using Class B dealers for its test dogs.

A Class B dealer is one that gets its animals from random sources. The USDA said one of the school's suppliers is under investigation for violations of the animal welfare act.

"Whether you're getting them from an A source or B source dealer, you're still using man's best friend," said Briatico. "And we want that stopped."

Paws for the Heart will be held Saturday, February 15, at 10 a.m.

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