Couple charged with operating chop shop

Couple charged with operating chop shop

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A couple is facing 14 charges for running what police are calling a chop shop at their home.

Deputies say they arrested the pair last week after a stolen Ford truck led them to the couple's driveway.

"We've had these investigations dating back to June of last year. So at least from that point to this point," said Sgt. Dedric Smith, chief investigator for the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

Burke County deputies responded to a call that led them to the home of Brandy Jordan and David Cadle.

"We actually had an anonymous caller call in and say that there may be a possible stolen vehicle at the residence," Smith said, "so when we went out there we in fact discovered the 2003 trucks that was stolen out of Richmond County."

Smith said when deputies arrived at the home in Hepzibah, they saw the stolen truck in the driveway. The pair is accused of chopping up five stolen vehicles.

"One vehicle was reported here from Burke County another was taken out of Richmond County. Basically what they do is the vehicles come to that residence and they cut them up and sell them to the scrap yard."

The six month investigation has given the sheriff's office enough evidence to pin around 30 charges on the couple. Investigators say they're facing only 14 of the 30 charges, including theft by receiving stolen property and operating a chop shop.

Burke County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the vehicle thefts.

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