GRU to bring changes to animal research methods

GRU to bring changes to animal research methods

Georgia Regents University (WFXG) - Change is coming to the way GRU conducts animal research.

A few months ago, The Humane Society of the United States claimed they obtained proof that GRU scientists violated federal law when they performed dental experiments on dogs.

"The university has made that decision have made that decision to no longer engage in this practice," said Kathleen Conlee, the Vice President of Animal Research Issues for HSUS.

That practice: obtaining dogs from random Class B dealers, or dogs which are gathered from various sources like auctions and flea markets to resell to research facilities.

"We did uncover this acquisition of dogs from Class B dealers and their use in lethal dental experiments that we are saying are unnecessary and need to come to an end," said Conlee.

The HSUS conducted an undercover investigation and claimed the university was also using non-human primates and rodents in their research.

"We saw a number of things that raised concerns of what we believe was a violation of federal law."

HSUS said the university obtained dogs from Kenneth Schroeder who had been formally charged by the US department of arboriculture with violation of the animal welfare act.

But now GRU has decided to pull the plug on this process.

"We do applaud them for this decision," said Conlee.

The humane society said it's also asking the university to end their use of dogs in lethal dental experiments and they will continue to fight for this change.