Pinpoint 911 increases USC Aiken campus safety

Pinpoint 911 increases USC Aiken campus safety

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - USC Aiken is implementing a new system that will make students, employees and parents feel a little more at ease about on-campus safety.

The school implemented Pinpoint 911, allowing first responders to determine the exact location on the 911 caller.

"I feel like they're becoming more updated and it'll help to make the student's feel more secure and have less rates of crime," said student Alexis Harvin.

"I feel like this is a great change for USC Aiken," Eric Bolks said.

Up until this week, the address for all of the land line 911 calls from campus would show up to dispatchers as the administration building at the front of the campus, regardless of where you were calling from. Students said for a campus with more than 3,300 students, it was unacceptable.

"I didn't realize that they only came over here instead of going to where the services were needed," Harvin said.

Today, if you call 911 on campus, dispatchers can pinpoint exactly where you are, down to the building and room number.

"This cuts out an extra for the responders having to get to campus, come to the main administration building, and then find out where someone is calling from," said Ernest Pringle, vice chancellor for information technology.

Pringle said they stumbled on the location glitch when they were naming roads on campus last year.

"Thankfully is hasn't been something to this point that forced us to do this," he said.

Alexis Harvin and Eric Balks say they've both been here for four years, and they're glad it finally changed.

"I'd feel very anxious and nervous knowing that the only way I'd be able to get immediate help is if I came over here and if I wasn't able to get here then I'd be afraid of the ultimate consequences," Harvin said.

"Now I feel a lot more relieved to know that this change has come about and to know that I am going to be a lot safer than I would have been before," Bolks said.

The school says they have added location identifiers for each of the 900 extensions on campus. They named five roads which will make it easier to find each of the twenty buildings on campus.

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