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Cold weather delays some Aiken Co. buses, causes power outages at some schools

The extremely cold weather is delaying the Aiken County Public School District bus pick-up schedule and causing power outages at some of the district's schools.

Several buses won't start, causing an additional delay for students. The schools already were on a operating two-hour delay Tuesday.

The buses that are working are running double routes to pick up students, district officials said.

There are also power outages across the district, including at Aiken Middle School and Jackson Middle School, officials said.

Jackson Middle has partial power and heat, and students have been relocated to the part of the facility that has power.

Aiken Middle has "staggered" power, but is operational, officials said. SCE&G is working on the issue.

No schools are closed at the time, but the afternoon 4K classes are canceled across the entire county.

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