Officials concerned about record-breaking cold

Officials concerned about record-breaking cold

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Local emergency management officials said they're concerned as the mercury continues to plummet.

"Right now we're feeling the effects of the arctic blast, that we've been expecting and anticipating for a few days now," said Columbia Co. EMA Director Pam Tucker. "It's coming in."

Tucker said the best way to combat the sub-freezing conditions is to stay inside if possible.

"You don't want to be outside if you can help it," she said. "And if you do have to be, layer up, bundle up."

The whipping winds are expected to drop wind chills overnight below zero, and shatter decades-old low temperature records for Tuesday morning. Tucker said it needs to be taken seriously.

"For people who think there's an over-reaction of delayed school openings or things like that, they need to realize, our buses have never been tested to this level," said Tucker.

Folks were out at Evans Town Center Park enjoying the little warmth the sunshine offered on Monday, but planned to be in front of the heater tonight.

"I would pretty much advise to stay indoors," said one visitor. "It's going to be really cold."

Tucker said it's also important to protect your pipes tonight: run a slow drip to prevent them from bursting and causing a costly problem. And if you have an automatic sprinkler system: turn it off before it turns our roads into an ice rink.

"Any water that hits those roads is going to be ice," said Tucker. "And we don't want a black ice situation as much as we can help it. We will have crews available for putting sand where it's reported."

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