What's Next for Fred Russell?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The end of the year also marked the end of Augusta's city administrator Fred Russell's time in office.

"12 years in Augusta, it's been a great 12 years," Russell said. "We've had our up's and downs but if you look at our end product, I think we've been able to make some positive contributions to the community and to everything."

Last Tuesday the city administrator was packing up.

"People move on and that's what happens. So, that's the way of the world and we'll move on," said Russell.

And as he prepares to move on, he said he can't help but wonder what is next for him.

"It's tough. Since '75 I've gotten up every day, either been in charge or responsible or had to go to work and Thursday, that's not going to happen and I'm a little bit concerned about that to be honest with you," Russell said.

Russell, who has been the city administrator for nearly a decade began to speak retirement but recently was fired by the Augusta commission.

"Obviously some of my comments that were leaked out by some of the commissioners and some of the responses I made to that apparently made several of them very mad. You know, that happens. These jobs don't last forever. There's always an opportunity to mess up and there's always an opportunity to get fired," said Russell.

And while the road may not be as clear now for Russell, he has had some conversations for potential future employers.

"Nothing set in stone. Paine and I have had some conversations. We began those a little while ago. I've taught in the past and I'm very comfortable in that kind of environment and I think I can hopefully add something to that and I know they would enrich my life."

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