House boats still missing; Lock & Dam undamaged

House boats still missing; Lock & Dam undamaged

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Mystery still surrounds the multiple boats that were cut loose from the docks at the Augusta Riverfront Marina.

Two of those boats were later recovered: one, tied to a dock, and another beached on a sandbar.

The Savannah Riverkeeper believes the remaining boats may have gone right through the Lock & Dam. The only evidence, a broken buoy line, may or may not have been caused by a house boat.

The Army Corps of Engineers issued this statement:

"Yesterday officials with Georgia DNR and the Savannah Riverkeeper found two of the houseboats. Both were upstream of the lock and dam. One was tied to a dock and one was beached on a sandbar. Yesterday officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did a visual inspection of the lock and dam. We found no structural damage and no houseboat debris. The buoy line upstream of the lock and dam was broken and we are currently working to repair it, but that's the only noticeable thing. It could or couldn't have been a houseboat to cause the buoy line to tear, we don't know for certain. The upstream buoy line has torn before during high water flow and/or debris floating down the river.  

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Savannah Riverkeeper are both leading the investigation and search efforts. You may want to reach out to them for more information. Since the boats were not on Corps property, it doesn't fall within our jurisdiction.

Bottom line: No damage to the lock and dam."