Investigators don't know cause of downtown fire

Broad Street Fire

Several families at a downtown apartment complex are out of a home after an early morning fire on 12th and Broad St.

Arson investigators don't know much about what caused the fire but they are saying that everyone made it out the apartment building safely. Firefighters said when they got here this morning they had to rescue a man from the third floor.

"They picked somebody off of the wall over here on this side. Somebody was trapped in the window. We got one person off of there. The rest of the building was vacant," Augusta fire battalion chief Randy McFeely told WFXG.

It was around 23 degrees outside when Firefighters arrived at 12th and Broad St. around 4 o'clock Friday morning. They sprayed water on and in apartments for over 12 hours. The fire was contained, but there were still signs of small blazes in the building.  

"We've been battling with it all day long trying to get the hot spots and the places where the roof is caved in on top of the third floor. Some of the third floor is on the 2nd floor so you've got holes and voids in there where the fire is hiding."

McFeely said they put so much water into the building, it was hard for investigators to get in there and determine the cause of the fire.

"We've put a lot of water in this thing. So much water we've increased the weight of the building. It increased the weight of the floors, which increases the pressure of the walls from the outside."

As the firefighters worked tirelessly to extinguish the inferno, volunteers, local businesses, and the Red Cross were offering their help to fire victims, and making sure that our local heroes were taken care of.

"We've had food. Several vendors around here has given us food, the red cross has brought us food. we do appreciate everyone's help today thank you so much."