Cyber attacks top American security threat

A Pew Research Center poll finds that cyber terrorism is at the top of American's security threat list.

In the wake of the 40 million cards accessed at Target, and popular apps like Snapchat and Skype getting hacked, people say they don't feel like their private information is secure online and they don't see it improving anytime soon.

"A couple months ago I got my identity stolen and they only had my name, they didn't even have my address," said Devon Myers.

Myers has been a victim of identity theft, so he wasn't surprised when he heard that most Americans think of cyber crimes as a national security threat.

"It's terrifying to know that somebody could just get all your information and use it to get what they want," said Myers.

According to CNN, the director of the FBI said cyber crimes will be a greater threat to our country than terrorism.

"Its really the new age war. Everything has technology nowadays."

Experts said in the past, criminals had to approach you or have access to your home to get your personal information, now they can do it without even being in the same room.

"Now, you collect that information from the privacy of a laptop in a van at taco bell so its dangerous."

Law enforcement said that the best way to protect yourself, is to be cautious about where you store your personal information.

"Monitor who gets on your computer, monitor what you put on your computer. I know its yours and I know you value your computer and you value your property but be mindful of what you put on there that way you don't become a victim," Sgt. Shane McDaniel, of the RCSO, told WFXG.

Cyber crime may be on the top of the security threats list, but the FBI said they have cyber squads at each of its 56 field offices working to combat Internet crimes.