Aiken Public Safety to archive incident reports

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The Aiken Department of Public Safety said they have always published incident reports.

"Aiken Department of Public Safety has an incident report book that we maintain in our open lobby, 24 hours, 7 days a week," Captain David Turno said.

Officials said those reports are updated Monday through Friday, on a daily basis but after two weeks, they're purged.

"That's about all it'll hold due to the volume of reports," Turno said.

But now the department will archive all incidents reports occurring within city limits.

"What we will do now, because they've been some questions of weather or not was the report ever in there, we will take the reports every two weeks, archive those into a file cabinet, for 6 months," said Turno.

This comes after officers said they received criticism for the slow release of information regarding a sexual assault case at Aiken Middle School.

"We should have produced that incident report right away," said Turno. "Printed a copy, redacted it. It should have been redacted and issued the incident report. That was not done. So that's what started this whole thing."

Officials say they were concerned about the release of information regarding minors. ADPS can access any incident report through their system but those occurring within 2 weeks can be viewed in their book.

Aiken Department of Public Safety is the only agency in the area that publishes a book of incident reports to be viewed by the public. Other agencies, like the Aiken County Sheriff's Office, require an official request be made.

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