Shots fired at Scottish Inn leave one man dead

Shots fired at Scottish Inn leave one man dead

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Deputies confirm a man shot Sunday morning is dead.

"Well I've always heard of prostitution and drug rings and whatever its called, all that stuff here," an Augusta resident told WFXG.

The resident didn't want his identity known, but he said he lives down the road from the Scottish Inn and he's not surprised that someone was shot and killed there over the weekend.

"As far as these hotels right here in this line go, I wouldn't go near them as much as possible."

The sheriff's office says they received a phone call about gunshots being fired at the Scottish Inn early this morning. When they arrived, they found that 40-year-old Ralph Harrell had been shot in the chest. Deputies say he died from the wound at the scene.

The resident who lives near the Scottish Inn said he fears for his safety, and he won't be sleeping too comfortably knowing that a murder suspect is roaming the streets.

"It's a little frightening, seeing how I live right down the street."

The sheriff's office said they are still investigating. If you have any information, call 706-821-1080 or 706-821-1040.

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