Lincoln County murder suspect in custody

GBI looking for armed and dangerous man


The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and at least three other agencies tracked down double homicide suspect Courtney Partlow Sunday afternoon.

Partlow was found and arrested on Watson Street in the First Baptist Community, after authorities believed he shot and killed 27-year-old Lakendra Elam and 28-year-old Terrence Norman Saturday morning.

Lincoln County Sheriff Bruce Beggs said Partlow got into a car crash with the two victims, then shot them. Their vehicles collided, but how that happened, he said, is still under investigation.

"Following the vehicles colliding, the suspect we have in custody shot both of the victims and then fled the scene by car-jacking a car from a passing motorist," Sheriff Beggs said.

Sheriff Beggs said Partlow turned himself in and was taken into custody around 8 Sunday night, after officers surrounded his hideout.

Sheriff Beggs said, "At this point, he has been pretty cooperative."

Cooperative, but authorities said, there are still no confirmed answers on why Partlow did this.

GBI, the Georgia State Patrol and the Lincolnton Police Department were also involved in the case.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed that the suspect wanted in the double homicide in Lincoln County has been arrested.

Courtney Partlow was taken into custody around 8:30 Sunday night. He is accused of killing a man and a woman over the weekend in Lincoln County.

"It's awful, and everyone in the neighborhood is afraid. They want to lock their doors and stuff like that," Robert Glaze told WFXG.

Even Glaze, a Lincoln County Commissioner, requested that a deputy check on his daughter's home after an alarm went off. With a suspect on the loose, Glaze was concerned.

"I knew the guy. I never knew he would kill anybody," said Glaze.

GBI confirmed that 27-year-old Lakendra Elam and 28-year-old Terrence Norman were shot to death after being run off the road.

"Shortly after the first phone call additional calls were being made that there were shots fired in the area. Upon arrival deputies located a deceased male and a deceased female at the scene," said Special Agent in charge Patrick Morgan.

Investigators said it all happened around 10:30 on Saturday. They said Courtney Partlow followed Elam and Norman and caused their vehicle to crash.

"We do believe that the suspect may have caused the victim's vehicle to go off of the road," Morgan said.

Glaze says this isn't Partlow first run in with the law.

"This guy, he's been in so much trouble and you know the law just let him go."

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