Healthcare deadline extended

Healthcare deadline extended

Are you signing up for health care with the Obama Administration's program? You have one more day.

Last minute health insurance shoppers have been flooding the web site and to ensure everyone who signs up gets the coverage, regulators have extended the deadline until midnight Christmas Eve.

"It's very smart to get covered," said Deborah Eason, who is the founder of the New Beginnings Med Services off Wrightsboro Rd. "To apply, get your application done."

Eason said the process is not difficult at all.

"It's not a long process at all. The most I think it would take is 30 to 35 minutes," said Eason.

Eason, and others at New Beginnings are facilitators in the CSRA that can help with assisting in signing up for health insurance.

The original deadline was Dec. 23rd to insure coverage that would start on Jan. 1, but now that deadline has been pushed to midnight on Christmas Eve to accommodate a large number of applicants.

When you have successfully signed up, you should note, your insurance won't began until you've paid the first month's premium.

"You have to call the insurance company that you chose," Eason said. "You need to call and make that payment, after you've submitted your information."

There are a few things you will need if you plan on signing up like your social security number and drivers license number.

"You will also need your income. I think a lot of families are coming in and a lot of them are putting incomes in but you have to be direct with your income because this medical package is about your household."

People have until Mar. 31 to sign up for federal health insurance. After that deadline there will be fees. If you need help, place like New Beginnings on Johns Rd., in Augusta, can assist you or you can call 1-800-318-2596.