New equipment could speed up investigations for the Richmond County Traffic Division

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - 2014 will bring new software to the Traffic Division of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said the new software is called Aras 360 and it cut the time it takes to map out a fatal collision in half.

Right now, deputies work with a 2D system. It maps out a crash site by points, taken by officers on the scene. Points refer to where things happened, such as where the car stopped or where debri landed.

Officers then take those points and plug them into a computer, which generates a map of the crash scene. But officials said documenting the scene with the 2D system can take as long as six to seven hours, because of the number of points they have to document.

The new system could cut that number in half, from 500 to 35 or 40. That would the time spent down to as little as 45 minutes.

Officers said they hope the program will be up and running by January. They hope to use the extra time it will save them on traffic safety and accident prevention.