Augusta Regional parking rate increase

If you're flying soon and plan on leaving your car at the airport, you may notice some higher parking rates.

The aviation commission approved a one dollar increase in a meeting on Thursday at the Augusta Regional Airport.

Short and long term parking are expected to increase by a dollar. The short term fee will rise from $9 per hour to $10, and the long term fee will increase from $7 per hour to $8. Airport officials told WFXG there has not been an increase in parking rates since 2009. They said their parking fees were lower than other airports that are similar in size.

"We don't get any tax funds so, we are a business so we have to fees and rates and stuff like that in order to get a revenue to cover our expenses. We decide to go ahead and do a survey of other airport to see what their rates were and go ahead and increase ours a little bit," Lauren Smith, Communications Manager at Augusta Regional told WFXG.

The aviation commission estimates that the price increase will bring in about $65,000 more dollars to the airport annually.

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