Pets at Aiken County Animal Shelter need homes for the holidays

The Aiken County Animal Shelter is full to capacity and needs homes for pets during the holidays.

Officials at the shelter said there's been an unusual increase in the amount of stray animals and owner surrenders.

They said the warm weather may be contributing to the amount of homeless dogs in the streets. They say they need help finding these cats and dogs homes for the holidays because they can't hold any more animals.

"She had puppies and they were born in our laundry room," 7-year old Bailey Daniels told WFXG.

Daniels and her mom Deeneen took a foster dog home, and it had eight puppies.

"There are so many pets that are unwanted.  we raised the puppies and bring them all the way through to their second set of shots and they're ready for adoption at that point," Deneen said.

Officials at the Aiken County Animals Shelter said that they need more families like the Daniels.

"we're full. We're past our capacity. I mean, we're overfilling our overflow area. it's a nightmare for us right now," said Bobby Arthurs, Chief Enforcement Officer for the Aiken County Animal Service.

Many animals are abandoned and malnourished. Others are pets whose owners simply couldn't care for them anymore. Arthurs said they usually don't see this many animals coming into the shelter in December.  He said they are encouraging willing Aiken County residents to come and adopt or foster an animal before Christmas.

"We can't hold them indefinitely. We have to make a decision. We do have a euthanization program. We don't want to euthanize these animals. We prefer to put them into a home."

Deneen and Bailey said they hope that most of these pets find safe, warm homes for the holidays.

"its really important to us that they find where they are going to spend forever, and have a great start to their lives, because it really impacts who they become as little animals," Deneen stated.

Officials at the shelter are decreasing adoption fees for anyone wishing to take home a cat or dog for the holidays.

Arthurs says that they have lowered the adoption price for dogs to $35 and $20 for cats.

He said if you want to become a foster home or adopt, you can reach them by phone at (803) 642- 1537, or visit the shelter at:

411 Wire Road
Aiken, SC 29801