Paul Broun visits Jefferson Hospital, talks healthcare

Congressman Paul Broun traveled to Louisville today and took a tour of Jefferson Hospital.

"We must make sure all American citizens have access to good, quality healthcare," Broun said.

Congressman Broun said the Affordable Care Act threatens places like Jefferson Hospital.

"Rural hospitals are going to be attacked by Obamacare more than any other entity in this country," said Broun.

Broun, who has practiced family medicine for 40 years, and his staff toured the facility today, meeting with administrators and staff with specifics reasons why he opposed the current health care law.

"They're going to get more and more cuts to their budgets because of the low reimbursement rate from the federal government," said Broun. "They're just not going to be able to stay in business because they're not going to have the revenue to stay in business."

Broun did speak on an alternate plan he's drafted called the Patient Option Act.

"It makes all health care expenses 100 percent deductible, for everyone in the country. It provides providers a tax credit for seeing indigent patients. It gives people in the community and every community a tax credit for contributing to indigent care."

Broun, who is running for a senate seat, says he's gotten support from other republican lawmakers and he will push to see that the Affordable Health Care law is repealed.

To see his proposed plan, visit

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