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Harlem to issue refunds for speeding fines because of expired radar certification


The Harlem Department of Public Safety is issuing refunds to people who paid a fine for speeding in the city between Feb. 2 and Dec. 19.

Police Chief Gary Jones said he was preparing for the annual radar calibrations when he realized the former police administration failed to renew the city's calibration certification for the speed detection devices.

Anyone who received a speeding citation by a radar between the above dates will be issued a refund and have the citation dismissed from their driver's record, Jones said. Those people will be contacted after the holidays via certified mail, and refunds will be sent out.

The use of radars in the city of Harlem has been suspended, Jones said.

"This certainly occurred prior to my taking over as the chief in May 2013," Jones said. "However, I acknowledge the responsibility and I have already made all of the corrective measures to get the city's license renewed and in compliance with Georgia Law."

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