Cyber attack on Target leaves customers vulnerable to fraud

Cyber attack on Target leaves customer's vulnerable to fraud

Target says hackers may have accessed 40 million payment cards in a cyber attack earlier this week.

A statement on the company's website says that they are investigating the incident and people who have used credit or debit cards in the store between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 may be vulnerable to fraud.

"You know, its kind of frightening when you think about it," said Christopher Presume, a frequent Target shopper. "I think it's messed up, Target should really do something about that."

Presume said he recently shopped at Target and he's afraid, that someone may have his access to his account information.

"I've shopped at Target in the past week, actually on black Friday, so I'm going to call my bank, get my cards and numbers changed just to be on the safe side," Presume said.

Vincent Willis, a Field engineer at the Computer exchange says there are plenty of things hackers can do with this information.

"What they're doing is actually cloning the cards, printing them as if they were originals and  sending a team out to buy things," Willis said.

Or, they could sell them for profit.

"You have guys out there that are taking these credit card dumps lets just pretend the forty million that Target has and selling them overseas and or in the United States," Willis said.

Willis said that hackers may have access to the information on the black magnetic stripe on the back of payment cards.

"On the first track is usually customer information and the second track is usually information about your bank account numbers, how to get in touch with the bank," he said.

Officials at the Metro Federal Credit Union say even those people who haven't been a victim need to closely monitor to their accounts.

"The trick is to pay attention to the transactions that go through your account," said Kyle Amerman, Spokesperson for the Metro Federal Credit Union.

To view Target's full statement, click here.

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