Aiken Salvation Army search for food donations

With the holidays quickly approaching, one local charity said it is in need of help. The Aiken Salvation Army said it's low on supplies.

Canned and packaged foods such as soups, pasta, rice, backing mixes will help support over 500 families this season.

"We are preparing our Christmas boxes for the local needy families and we have about 520 families we are trying to prepare for and right now we have a shortage," said Major Angela Repass.

That shortage is about 200 food boxes and the Aiken Salvation Army is worried they won't be able to accommodate those families.

"During Christmas season, people are thinking the toys and the clothing, which is fabulous because we do that as well but we try to make sure the family has the whole Christmas experience, which includes the food," Repass said.

The boxes include a variety food items that will last each family about a week.

"Two green beans, two corns, two mixed vegetables, fruit, canned meats, soups, macaroni and cheese, desert mixes, bread, stuffing, so we try to make sure it's a full box," Repass said.

This shortage has occurred in the past but the Aiken Salvation Army is confident residents will step up.

"We had this happened about 3 years ago, I believe it was and as soon as we got the word out to the community, the community stepped up and provided for the needs."

The Salvation Army will be accepting food donations at it's warehouse at 641 Laurens Street.