Changes coming to Fort Gordon gates

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - A new entry system will come to the Fort Gordon installation mid January. The Automated Installation Entry System will be for Department of Defense workers, their dependents and retirees.

Lt. Colonel Hollis Bush said, "When you come up, you have your DOD ID card or your dependent ID card. You will swipe your bar code and the system will show your picture inside the guard booth on a computer screen. The guard will authenticate that it is you and there will be a green ring around your picture."

Currently, DOD workers, their dependents and retirees give the guards an ID card, but there are problems in that system this new one could fix.

Lt. Colonel Bush said, "Folks present their ID cards, but some are expired and  damaged to a point where you can't recognize those cards."

Damaged, expired, and he said sometimes even fake. But the Automated Installation System will either give those registered a green light or red.

Lt. Colonel Bush said, "If you have a fake ID card, if it looks real enough, you're probably going to gain access right now. However if you're not a retiree, in the DOD or a dependent, it's going to deny you access in January because you're not in the system. When you swipe and you're not registered, there will be a red ring around your picture and your access will be denied."

Fort Gordon officials said nothing will change for visitors. They'll still need a license, registration and proof of insurance to get through the gates. But for employees, the system could make getting to work faster.

Lt. Colonel Bush said, "It will take 2.5 seconds once we get folks used to coming in, VS. if you come up to the guard now, it's going to take 3.5 seconds on average."

Over 20 thousand have already registered, but Fort Gordon has about 56 thousand people who frequent the installation. You can register at the Visitor Control Center, Darling hall, the Post Exchange or the Commissary. The system will be activated in mid-January, but there will be a grace period of 30 days for those who haven't registered. In mid February, the system will be activated fully and those not registered will have to come to the main gate for assistance.