Federal unemployment benefits set to expire Dec. 28

Federal unemployment benefits set to expire Dec. 28

As Congress wraps up their work for the year, many Americans are wondering if they are going to lose their federal unemployment benefits at the end of December.

"We are able to restore many of the cuts that would otherwise take place as a result of the sequester," said Congress Chris Van Hollen when he was asked about the deal.

They restored many cuts but they left out something that's going to affect pockets of millions of Americans.

"They just came out with new one hundred dollar bills, why are they trying to cut unemployment off? Why are they trying to go that route,"Chris Anderson told WFXG.

If Congress doesn't reach an agreement on an extension of federal unemployment benefits before they go home for the year, 1.3 million Americans who've been out of work long-term could see an end in their federal aid.

"If they cut my unemployment off it would be hard, especially if the job search is not going right," Anderson said.

Chris Anderson came to the Georgia Department of Labor to continue his job search. He said with this economy, it's hard. He doesn't think that Congress is looking out for everyone.

"It makes me feel kind of weird because like they're aren't looking at the people that actually looking for jobs and can't find the jobs. They need to look at that too," Anderson said.

He says if they don't reach a consensus before Friday, many people like him would struggle to pay the bills.

"I'm trying to make things happen for the family. Take care of the bills and keep everything up," Anderson stated.

Federal unemployment benefits kick in after state benefits run out. congress has tomorrow and Friday to try to link an extension of benefits to a budget deal. but if the effort fails, they will come back at it in 2014.

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