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Workers continue construction on bridges despite cold weather

Max Rowland Max Rowland

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - While most of us have been dodging the cold staying indoors, workers with Walsh Construction have to be outside to work on the Ohio River Bridges Project snow or no snow.

Max Rowland, a project manager for Walsh Construction, says the recent ice and snow has given the workers a little more work.

"They'll get the shovels out; they'll clean the paths just like we clean our sidewalks and driveways," said Rowland. "They'll clean a path down to where they'll work; they'll clean the equipment off. We have the ice melt that we put on our steps."

It takes a little extra time but Rowland says not enough to impact the project.

"If someone gets hurt the little bit you might save by not doing anything that is not worth it at all."

Rowland said workers are used to the cold but when it gets too much they have a solution.

"When they're working out on the river they're away from everything," Rowland said. "We actually have a warming shack, or a warming trailer, right out there on the barge so if conditions get such they can get in there and get warm."

A cold weather concrete plan helps them stay on schedule.

"They add warm water to the ready mix to keep the concrete warm and then we put insulated blankets around the forms to retain the heat," Rowland said.

Although they are prepared for winter weather on land, when it comes to construction in the river, recent rain and snowfall have created problems.

"When the river flow is that high, we can't hold our barges in position and it makes it unsafe so we've brought all of our marine fleet and secured it to the banks."

The water is lowering and while crews expect to be back in the river Monday, it won't be the last delay.

"It will happen but we had that planned in our schedule for occasional periods of time when the river basically floods us out."

According to Rowland, the project is still on schedule.

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