Local gun shop reacts to NFL controversial commercial ban

Local gun shop owner reacts to NFL controversial commercial ban

One local gun store owner is reacting to the NFL's decision to deny the airing of an ad by the Georgia gun manufacturer Daniel Defense.

On Sundays, football plays on large flat screen TV the Shooters gun shop and range. Ironically the NFL has recently banned a gun commercial from showing during the Super Bowl.

"To me I was surprised. I've seen a lot of halftime shows. Not just super bowls but other halftime show where you have a lot of sex, grinding and dancing and everything else going on. Sex sells but you know they won't allow a manufacturer of a product air their commercial," Buddy Lichte said.

Lichte owns the Shooter's gun shop and indoor range and he was shocked that the NFL banned Daniel Defense's Super Bowl ad. The ad shows a man who's depicted as having served  in the military and his family while he talks about defending his home. The NFL advertising policy states that firearms and other weapons are prohibited in ads during their events, unless the store sells other products that aren't weapons. The commercial doesn't show or mention guns, and the manufacturer told Fox and Friends that they sell other items too, but the ad was still banned. Lichte thinks that the dozens of alcohol commercials shown during the Prime time event are worse than any gun ad he's seen.

"intoxicated people, DUI's. Alcohol kills," Lichte told WFXG.

He says the NFL is a private company and they are entitled to their own opinions, beliefs, and decisions, but he still doesn't think it's right.

"it's a low blow so to speak. You're going to let beer commercials on the air, you're going to allow your halftime shows being the sex sells so to speak but you're not going to allow a manufacturer, just because it's a weapons."

This commercial was not going to be one of those $8 million dollar national super bowl ads. Daniel Defense was attempting to buy time in eight major regional markets, including Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. The company did run a regional super bowl ad in savannah two years ago with the same NFL restrictions in place.