Humane Society supports planned GRU protest

Humane Society supports planned GRU protest

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - More than two weeks after a Humane Society investigation revealed testing of dental implants on dogs at Georgia Regents University, those against the practice show no sign of letting up. They're organizing a march to the school.

"This is an event to raise awareness, and to ask Georgia Regents University to stop the cruelty," said Amanda Harrell.

She said she's taking part in what's being called the Million Dog Walk: a peaceful march from Downtown Augusta, to the doors of GRU's dental school.

"Whatever your view may be, you are welcome to come out and protest with us tomorrow," she added.

The event is also getting some star power from the Humane Society. One of the organization's vice presidents is flying in to support the protest.

"We're very happy to lend our support," Kathleen Conlee said in a phone interview. "We watched the organization of this event unfold. The message has been right. We're just asking the university to end the use of dogs in these dental experiments."

The university has responded to the planned protest with a statement to students and faculty:

Over the past weeks, we know many of you have received phone calls, emails, or seen posts on social media concerning this topic. The above bullet points and the information distributed last week via email may be helpful to you as you respond. Additionally, you may forward questions and concerns to the Office of Communications and Marketing at (706) 721-7406.

Tomorrow on campus, a group is expected to gather in protest outside the College of Dental Medicine. Please continue to treat everyone who visits our campuses with respect and consideration. Your thoughtful questions, commitment to professionalism, and patience with this process are a testament to the quality of staff, faculty, and students at GRU. Thank you.