Local salon helps chemo patients

Local hair salon helps chemo patients

Stylists at Perry and Company said that they just wanted to boost confidence and remind these women that with or without cancer, they're beautiful.

One of the women is battling ovarian cancer and today, she got a makeover.

"They got it already. I'm just doing chemo to make sure they got it all," she said when she was asked about her cancer. She then smiled and said she enjoyed getting her hair and makeup done.

Perry and Company hair salon and Hospice Care of America teamed up with Georgia Regent's Cancer Center to help women undergoing chemo. They were given food, wigs, and makeovers, free of charge.

Stacy Stringer is the volunteer coordinator with Hospice Care of America and she says wigs for cancer patients start at about two-hundred dollars a piece.

"They're feeling so awesome about themselves and there has been a lot of tears shed today of happiness and joy," stated Stringer.

She said it a gift to be able to give to these strong women, especially during the holidays.   

"Cancer doesn't know a time, or a season," Stringer said.

One stylist says that being able to give to women who are combating these horrible diseases was a rewarding experience.

"It's really great to see them and how their whole posture has changed. They have so much confidence in themselves and they definitely deserved to be rewarded the way they have. This is a small token for us and it's the little that we could do to continues to help them with the hope to fight the battle of cancer," said stylist Kendra Fryer.

Ten percent of the salon's Friday proceeds will benefit GRU's cancer center image boutique. To donate to the boutique, call (706) 447- 2626.