Lincoln. Co campgrounds to remain open?

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Army Corps campgrounds on the chopping block in Lincoln County could remain open.

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners has agreed to lease nine campgrounds that were set to close because of budget cuts. The board accepted management of:

  • Amity Rec. Area
  • Broad River Campground
  • Chamberlain Ferry Ramp
  • Clay Hill Campground
  • Double Branches Ramp
  • Gill Point Ramp
  • Hesters Ferry Campground
  • Leathersville Ramp
  • Murray Creek Ramp

Commission Chairman Wade Johnson confirmed there would be no charge for the county to take over management of the parks. He said the last step is for the Corps to approve the deal.

Johnson hopes the deal would bring in more revenue for Lincoln County.

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