Comcast unveils data cap trial in Augusta market

This information applies only to XFINITY Internet customers in Huntsville and Mobile, AL; Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah, GA; Central Kentucky; Maine; Jackson, MS; Knoxville and Memphis, TN; and Charleston, SC.

This monthly option is available to our Economy Plus customers. The Flexible-Data Option is specifically designed for casual or light Internet users who typically use 5 GB of data or less each month. Enrollment is optional and customers must choose to enroll. The Flexible-Data Option provides a $5 credit if a customer's total monthly data usage is less than or equal to 5 GB per month. However, if these customers use more than 5 GB of data in any given month, they would not receive the $5 credit, and would be charged $1 per gigabyte for each gigabyte of data used over the 5 GB included in the Flexible-Data Option. For example, an enrolled customer who uses 4 GB in a given month would receive a $5 credit on the next month's Internet bill; but an enrolled customer who uses 7 GB in a given month would not receive the credit, and would also be charged $2 ($1 per gigabyte in excess of 5 GB) on the next month's Internet bill. 

If a customer chooses not to enroll in the option, their monthly plan will include 300 GB of data. If the customer exceeds the included 300 GB of data, they will be notified via an email and in-browser notification that an additional 50 GB has automatically been allocated to their account, and that applicable charges will be applied to their bill. For more information please click here

This option is a trial and can be discontinued by Comcast at any time. Comcast will notify participants enrolled in the option if a decision has been made to discontinue it.