Education leaders meet with public at GRU Summerville

Education leaders meet with public at GRU Summerville

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Dozens showed up for a conversation with Peach State legislators, including Amanda Harrell.

"A lot of students from the CSRA choose to come to Georgia Regents University," she said.

The outspoken activist has been fuming ever since the revelation that GRU was using dogs for dental research experiments.

"My question to them was, 'do they foresee a drop in enrollment due to all these scandals."

Harrell said the experiments, combined with the school's 2012 consolidation, could potentially hinder rising college students from choosing GRU.

"High school students...whether you're from Greenbriar, Lakeside, wherever you're from, you have a right to a reputable education," she said.

The panel responded, saying they don't think the Board of Regents would make any decisions - including the school's controversial name change - that would jeopardize enrollment levels.

"This is the CSRA right here - this is the only state university, and it represents Augusta," Harrell explained. "It's a really big deal for a lot of people."