Prince unofficial winner of District 127 seat

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Retired LT. Col. Brian Prince is the unofficial winner in the race for the vacant Georgia House District 127 Seat.

Voters in Richmond County and Jefferson County got to the polls Tuesday night to vote.

Lt. Col. Prince went head to head with Diane Evans, a retired school teacher and pastor. But the two also faced rainy weather, the election falling right after a holiday and only one thing on the ballot; things election officials said hurt voter turnout.

Lynn Bailey, Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey said, "Traditionally speaking, elections held in odd numbered years, elections held close to a holiday and elections held on a rainy day have less voter turnout. Today [Tuesday] we've only seen all those things, including only one thing on the ballot."

Evans and Lt. Col. Prince, both Democrats, were two top finishers in the Nov. 5 special election to fill the house seat. It had been open since the passing of representative Quincy Murphy in August.

Retired Lt. Col. Prince is a former Glenn Hills High School Athlete. Both and he Evans didn't expect a heavy turnout. Elections directors predicted it to be anywhere between 7 and 10 percent.

At First Baptist Church, 157 people had voted by 6:25 P.M. The cut off was seven.

Evans said, "It was already predicted we were going to have very low turnout because of it being a special election runoff.

The initial election for the vacancy in District House 127 had about a 13 percent turnout.

Retired Lt. Col. Prince wasn't available for comment, but told Fox 54 the weather wasn't the best, but they were still hoping for a win.

The district covers Louisville, Matthews, Wrens, Stapleton, Avera, Blythe, Fort Gordon, sections of Hephzibah and South and West Augusta.