Group hold candlelight vigil for dogs at GRU

Just weeks after the controversy over the Georgia Regents University's use of dogs in experiments, local organizations held a candlelight vigil in honor of the animals.

The Human Society blasted the local hospital for the practices within the dental school.

This animal rights group said they're still very distraught about what is happening at GRU and they're not going to stand for it.

About fifteen people and their dogs gathered across the street from the hospital, holding candles and posters and remembering the animals that were used in the dental experiments. they said they were out there because they want people to know that animal testing is morally wrong. One of the protesters was even a registered nurse at GRU up until the controversy started. When she heard what the hospital is doing, she quit.

"I'm a big animal advocate and I turned my resignation in the following Monday. It was quite embarrassing to me to know that it was going on right in the dental department where I had actually received implants. It made me just want to spit my work out," said Julie Lapierre, former registered nurse at GRU.

This event is a preview of Saturday's million dollar dog walk at GRU dental. They plan to march from 13th and Broad street to the front of the GRU dental school. Organizers said they want to have a peaceful protest against GRU's animal practices.

The Dog Walk facebook event page: