Georgia State Patrol collects Toys for Tots

Georgia State Patrol collects Toys for Tots

The Georgia State Patrol troopers stood in the cold for six hours collecting toys and money for less fortunate families in the CSRA.

"It shows that law enforcement and troopers specifically do more than just write tickets, stop cars, and work wrecks. We try to give back to the community whenever its possible and try to help good causes," said Ben Rollins.

It's chilly outside but Rollins and about four other Georgia state troopers said they're taking on the cold so they can help the community.

"Its a good thing, it makes all of us feel good that we can do something to help folks that are less fortunate in the area," stated Rollins.

Walmart customers participated too. As they did their black Friday shopping, many customers either went inside and bought toys or donated money.

"it's an act of kindness, its an act of service. You know, to help someone. It shows that you care not only about who you are, but who this community is," said Shopper Saundra Young.

Young was doing some shopping when she saw the toys for tots stand. She said she knows what Christmas means to children so she didn't think twice about donating.

"I'm a former law enforcement officer myself, so when they're out here I always feel the need to want to give back to the community," Young said.