Officers, sergeants on Ft. Gordon serve soldiers Thanksgiving meals

Soldiers served Thanksgiving meal by officers

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Thanksgiving was served at the dining facilities on Fort Gordon by officers and sergeants in United States Army.

The high-ranking officials made plates for soldiers celebrating the holiday on post, like Spc. Nicole Fox, who couldn't be home for Thanksgiving.

"I'm extremely excited to be able to have Thanksgiving with my sergeants who have been role models to me," Fox said.

Dining hall officials said they've been preparing for Thanksgiving feast all year long by making sure everyone knew the drill. Cooks were required to follow recipe cards and decorations had to be hung in each of the four halls.

"We believe these soldiers deserve the absolute best," said Luther Holmes, project manager for H&B Food Services. "It's just our way of saying, 'Hey soldiers, we appreciate you. We know this is your home away from home.' And we want the families to know we'll take care of them."

Some said being taken care of on a holiday they can't be home for is something they won't forget.

"It was an amazing feeling, getting served by someone I've served for so long," Pvt. Thai Luu said. "I feel like it will be easier to connect with them now."

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