Out with the rain, in with the cold

Out with the rain, in with the cold

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Drew Creswell spent Friday afternoon cleaning up damage blamed on the hands of mother nature.

"Pretty much just cleaning up," he said. "We had a tree fall down, so using the chainsaw, whacking it up."

And the weather also doing a number on electrical lines. Georgia Power reported outages in this neighborhood off Mike Padgett Highway earlier in the day. Those homes have now had the lights turned back on. We also dealt with some localized flooding.

"The ground is really saturated," said Creswell. "A lot of things are falling down. A lot of people had us bring in extra gravel to help out with their driveways and stuff like that."

Rainfall totals in our area averaged between one and two inches. EMA officials reported 1.4 inches at the Evans Government Center, to 1.7 inches at the Kiokee Creek water treatment plant. Augusta Regional Airport saw 4/5 of an inch, and some places north of the I-20 corridor saw closer to 2 inches. Now, we're left with much colder conditions.

"Pretty much wearing longjohns and hunting clothes to keep up with it," said Creswell. "I'm not ready for Winter."

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