Holiday food prep safety

Holiday food prep safety

As you prepare your holiday meals, you may want consider carefully what you are doing to avoid a turkey day disaster.

"Make sure you're monitoring your items when you're cooking them," said Brent Willis, a Training Chief for Martinez-Columbia County Fire Rescue. "Do not leave anything unattended and especially leave the house of that matter."

Officials said it only takes a few seconds of losing focus to could cause a hazardous situation - or worse - a fire.

"A lot of fires we see through this time are people getting distracted, doing something else, with the families coming in to visit with them and failing to remember that something was cooking on the stove - or cooking in a stove, for that matter," Willis said.

As quickly as a fire can start in a house, it can start outside as well. For those who are looking to deep fry a turkey, fire officials offer a few tips to stay safe.

"Make sure it's in a ventilated area, but also make sure anything you put in the fire is fully thawed. Putting in a frozen turkey could lead to a rapid fire event," said Willis.

If there is a fire, have an escape plan to meet outside the house and then call 9-1-1.

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