Fourth annual James Brown Turkey giveaway

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Melvin Lee spent two hours in line at Dyess Park Monday morning, waiting for a Thanksgiving turkey. But the plate he's worried about filling this year isn't his.

"I'm disabled and I have three disabled kids," Lee said, "so now I'll be able to cook a turkey for them."

For Lee and at least 2,000 others, there was no credit or cash required in the line, thanks to Amerigroup sponsoring the James Brown Turkey Giveaway for the fourth year in a row.

"This our way to help the community," said Crystal Boggs, regional marketing manager for Amerigroup Community Care Crystal. "We have coffee, hot cocoa, a lot of giveaways, donuts and many more benefits."

One of the people getting a hand was Henrietta Myers. She was taking the help this year so her family could save food stamps.

"This is my first time being out here for the turkey drive," Myers said. "Any other year, I'd pay for it."

Myers said next year, she wants to help people stuck in line just like her.

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