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Western MA residents brave bitter cold temperatures


"It almost hurts your face a little bit," said Louis Monfette, a city resident who braved a single-digit wind chill temperature on Sunday morning to walk his dog.

Monfette, like many others on Sunday, was doing his best to avoid the cold weather. He said a day like it was Sunday is almost worse than a snow day.

"You know, when it snows it can be a little bit warmer," Monfette stated. "When it gets too cold, it gets too cold to snow. I'm not a snow person though."

Neither is Antonio Cerrato.

The owner of Cerrato's Pastry Shop said it is the white stuff that keeps customers away. Otherwise, they will brave the cold to pick up their sweets.

"People are going to go out for the holidays and go shopping," said Cerrato. "It doesn't matter. They're still going to go out anyway."

Sundays are the busiest days of the week for Cerrato and he is entering one of the busiest times of the year. He said it is the only time he will take a peek at a weather forecast.

"Only the big holidays," said Cerrato. "During the year we don't worry about it that much. During the holidays we hope that the day helps us out. Only November and December, the rest of the year we don't."

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