Study: Americans treat vacations as luxury, not right

Study: Americans treat vacations as luxury, not right

Most Americans treat vacations as a luxury rather than a right, according to a recent study by

The "2013 Vacation Deprivation" study shows that Americans took 10 of 14 vacation days available to the, leaving four days on the table.

There are currently more than 144 million employed Americans, meaning Americans collectively failed to take more than 500 million available days of vacation, the study shows.

The French, however, lead the world in vacationing, taking all 30 possible days available to them. But 90 percent of French people say that they feel vacation-deprived – well above the global average.

About 93 percent of the French claim to "constantly, regularly or sometimes" check work e-mails and voicemails while on holiday.

Americans take a more relaxed view towards work connectivity, according to the study. Approximately two thirds of vacationing Americans remain tethered to the office.

The study also shows that the feeling of vacation deprivation is prevalent in Italy (83 percent), Spain (78 percent) and Germany (74 percent), despite the fact that Europeans are afforded more vacation time than any other region.

The study also explored reasons why vacation days go unused.

"No one retires wishing they'd spent more time at their desk," said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of "There are countless reasons that vacation days go unused – failure to plan, worry, forgetfulness, you name it. But rested employees are more productive employees, so taking regular vacations may well help the company more than failing to do so."

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